Santa Barbara Beaches, Here for You to Explore!

Santa Barbara Leadbetter Beach

Discover our guide to Santa Barbara Beaches.

If you come to Santa Barbara to surf, to kayak, to beachcomb, to hike or to tidepool...and the list goes on! You've come to the right place. We give you driving directions, where to park, nearby amenities and local tips on different beach activities.

Info on Santa Barbara Surf

Carpinteria State Beach

Beaches South of Santa Barbara

  • Rincon State Beach
  • - Santa Barbara beaches best point break

  • Carpinteria State Beach
  • - A safe family beach

  • Santa Claus Lane Beach- Walk across railroad tracks to open white sand

  • Padaro Beach/Loon Point- Kevin Costner lives and surfs here

  • Summerland Beach
  • - Down the path from the park and you can walk in either direction and be alone

    Beaches in Santa Barbara

  • Miramar Beach
  • - Park at the end of San Ysidro Road and surf the small point break

  • Hammonds Beach
  • - One of the best reef breaks between Santa Barbara and La Jolla

  • Butterfly Beach
  • - Across the street from the Biltmore

  • East Beach
  • - Volleyball courts. Find Santa Barbara beaches volleyball royalty work here 9 to 5pm.

  • Stern's Wharf /West Beach
  • -The "city beach" a great place to kayak

  • Leadbetter Beach
  • - You've seen the stand-up surfboards? This is the place

  • Shoreline Park Beach
  • - Secret spot for tidepooling

  • Lighthouse Point
  • - Rocky walk, secluded and only the Coast Guard knows about this beach

  • Hendry's Beach
  • - At the end of Los Positas Rd. The Brown Pelican Restaurant (on the sand) used to be the place to go

  • Hope Ranch Beach
  • - From Hendry's, long walks towards UCSB go past the Hope Ranch private sun deck

    Bike Ride Along the Beach

    Beaches North of Santa Barbara

  • Goleta Beach
  • - Good parking next to the Goleta Pier

  • Campus Point Beach
  • - "I enrolled at UCSB for the surf"

  • Sands Beach
  • - Walk a little, surf a lot

  • Haskell's Beach
  • - Locals used to drink beer and let their dogs run until the Bacarra resort "put up a parking lot"

  • Naples Beach
  • - "Shhhhhh," don't tell anyone about the great winter surf

  • El Capitan State Beach
  • - the "bike-in" campsite is a secret all summer long

  • Refugio State Beach
  • - A favorite scuba diving spot in the fall when the lobster are legal

  • Hollister Ranch
  • - What can I say. Buy a parcel and surf the best waves in California. Ever read, Kem Nunn's book, TAPPING THE SOURCE?

  • Bixsby Ranch
  • - I had a friend who was a Bixsy security guard. One word, COJO

  • Jalama County Beach
  • - Hours, sometimes days waiting for a campsite- worth every minute

  • Vandenberg Air Base Beach
  • - Don't ask. Rockets launch into outspace here and civilians get in the way

  • Oceano State Beach
  • - Sand rails, crazy four-wheeling sand dune charging guys with a lot of gas money.

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