Sarah's Santa Barbara Idea

by Marie

Last week when my sister Sarah phoned me and asked me if I wanted to take a trip with her to Santa Barbara this summer, I didn't think twice and just said "Sure, I'd love to". For the past 2 weeks I had been thinking about my holidays but I couldn't decide on where to go or what to do. Thanks to Sarah, my decision was made. Santa Barbara is a perfect vacation spot and Sarah is an amazing companion on trips. I know that it will be great.

From what I understand, there are many breathtaking destinations in Santa Barbara. Here's what we are thinking about doing:

Santa Barbara Zoo: The interactive exhibit there sounds appealing. It will also be a great spot to take a picnic lunch.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art: My sister is a great art fan. She tells me that it has an impressive collection.

The Botanic Garden: When I think about this place, I see myself enjoying a peaceful afternoon there, with views of the mountain top views and Channel Island.

The Santa Barbara Mission: After reading a lot about this place, it's on my don't miss list. History is my passion.

Whale Watching: I want to go to the Santa Barbara channel for whale watching. I can't even imagine how breathtaking it must be to watch these beautiful creatures from so close. It will also be fun to see harbor seals, sea lions, and marine birds.

We want to squeeze in time for wine testing, hiking in the Red Rocks of Los Padres National Forest, and visit to Nojoqui Falls and try out its beautiful walkway. Of course, shopping is on the list too.

Now it's time to sit with my sister and finalize the list. I know we are going to enjoy Santa Barbara.

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